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21 May 2014

Sonoma Isles Aerial

Sonoma Isles From the Sky Sonoma Isles

21 May 2014

Sonoma Isles From the Sky

Sonoma Isles promises to be one of Jupiter’s hottest places to live, providing future home owners with upscale single-family home designs, resort-style amenities, and a pleasant community vibe that will make living here an everyday delight. Each spacious, DiVosta-built home will offer anywhere between 2,488 and 5,000 square feet, and with well over 200 homes planned, it’s also a sprawling residential neighborhood that covers a whole lot of area. Featured below are a number of spectacular aerial shots of the Sonoma Isles gated community, giving potential home buyers a unique bird’s eye view of the neighborhood that’s you’ll only get here.

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